Chalkboard Drawings

Principal:   Pam Bloomer


  • Any suggestions, ideas or concerns that you may have


Administrative Assistant: Christina Cructhfield

  • Any discipline questions

  • School policy  


Coordinator:  Roxie Holmes

  • Reading and math programs at Summer Grove Elementary School

  • Scheduling “extra help” sessions

  • Requesting additional instructional materials

  • Curriculum questions 


Guidance Counselor:  Alesshrunda McKeever

  • Any concerns related to your child, such as:

    • Enrollment/registration questions

    • Questions about standardized testing

    • Counseling for a child

    • Moving – need copy of school record

    • Questions about health card, social security card, or fees

    • Middle school questions

Summer Grove Administrative Team

Our counselor teaches the

Summer Grove Tigers to be Bucket Fillers

The concept of bucket-filling is a metaphor for the idea that expressing kindness and respect toward others helps us experience pride and satisfaction and ultimately lead happier and more confident lives; in contrast, when we put others down, act like a bully, or leave someone out, we become a "bucket dipper." We look forward to ALL of our Summer Grove Tigers being BUCKET FILLERS!!!


Kids Drawing