Summer Grove/FDDOC After-School Program

Dear Parents,


We are so pleased to announce that the FDDOC After-School Program will continue at our school this year on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 3:15-5:00. Applications for students in grades 3rd & 4th will be sent home Tuesday, August 26 and must be returned by Friday, August 30.  They are due to the office.  The number of positions in our school are limited.  If all positions are filled by the time your child’s application is returned to the school, he/she will be placed on a waiting list. Once accepted, students MUST attend the program all days throughout the school year or he/she may be dropped and another student on the waiting list enrolled.  


The FDDOC After-School program will offer one hour of instruction in reading and math, as well as an hour of a fun enrichment, such as Creative Writing/Art, Tennis, and Character Education.  Meals and bus transportation will also be provided. The After-School Program will begin Tuesday, September 5. 


If you have any questions, please contact Nicolette Graham at 686-1754.  


We are so appreciative that FDDOC (Fully Devoted Developer of Children) is one of our school partners. In addition to providing the after-school tutoring program this year, they also donated funds for school uniforms.  Thank you, FDDOC, for your unending compassion and support of our students!  



Nicolette Graham

Summer Grove Elementary

After-School Program Lead Teacher